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Horses as pets? You’d be surprised at how many people take care of their own horses. There’s an impression that owning pet horses are extravagant but the rewards are great, too! You’ve got a great companion, they snuggle a lot, they go for walks in the park without the hazard of hurting other animals or people, they play games (actually, great running buddies) and they’re so pretty with their soft and silky hair.
It’s a growing trend and there’s a big market for horse pet owners. There are competitive horses, endurance riders, healers and the like. All you need to do is to learn the demands of taking care of your chosen breed. There are owners who don’t want to ride their horses and that’s perfectly fine but they’re still going to require constant physical stimulation.
Another concern we want to raise is to make sure that you have a huge lot. You can’t buy a horse and simply put them in your backyard. As much as possible, have at least 1 acre of space so they can move around and get some exercise.

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