We all love to  make money. For some of us however, it takes so many failures before we get to the point where money actually comes in. Luckily for a pet lover like me, I just followed my passion and looked for the right advertising platform and it was as if I wasn’t working at all.

Since I’m a pet lover, I know what other pet lovers need, too. I’ve lived with countless pets since I was young and I know how much pet owners will shell out just to give their pets a great life. Since I am so passionate about this, I decided to just make this my money making machine.

At first it was hard. I wasn’t able to sell so much. I didn’t have the courage to give up my day job just yet because I wasn’t getting any ROI. And then after meticulously searching the internet of ways on how to succeed in this business and I realized I was just reaching out to the wrong target market.

There are websites like www.animalkingdom.ph who sell any pet related item or service. What I love most about this is that they don’t get a cut from my sales. I simply post my stuff online and wait for buyers to contact me! 2 weeks after uploading my first 20 items, I was actually seeing the profit already! I love this website!