I think I speak for every Filipino pet lover when I say that at one point we’ve all been called crazy for loving our pets so much. There’s constant talking to them, building their own wardrobe, setting up play dates with other pets and so much more stuff we do that other people think are crazy. Well, I guess some people will never understand how we treat our pets as our best friends.

Because of this, I started searching online for the best community for pet lovers in the Philippines and I landed on a website called www.animalkingdom.ph that is like Disneyland for pet lovers! If my mini pinscher could use the computer, I’m sure she would’ve made an account right there and then.

The website is perfect for me because I never really get to go out and do any kind of shopping for my mini pinscher. Since it’s an advertising platform, there are no 3rd party fees being charged from us, the buyers. And you all know how much 3rd party fees can cost. Love, love, love this website! I’m actually considering selling some stuff over there as well.

Ordering dog food has never been this easy. Call me crazy, but I like my dog’s pedigree being delivered right to our doorstep.